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Beautiful hand-crafted functional stoneware for everyone.
Affordable beginners' lessons on the wheel (Studio in Kennington, Oxford).

About Mags' Pottery

Pottery gives me joy in the making and joy when it emerges from the kiln dressed in its new colours. I also enjoy pairing each object with an excited new owner.


The best way of sharing this experience is for you to come and make your own pots at the studio. At Mags Pottery, lessons are exclusively on the wheel, and are one to one, so you have a dedicated teacher and the opportunity to make at least 2 items in each session. Prices are £28 to £32 pounds per session (adults), with times to suit you. Contact magscuttle@gmail.com for availability.

Independent studio time also available for current and former students. 

Now you can video yourself making a pot when you book lessons with Magspottery. It's a great way to improve your technique as well as a fun item to share with your friends.


141 Upper Road,

01865 580087 / 07722212835