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This set of five lessons is designed for students who have completed the beginner course and want to make larger, taller jugs and vases. You will learn more about clay preparation, additional centring techniques as well as different hand positions for working with up to 1.5 kg of clay.  In these sessions there is more of a focus on improving throwing techniques rather than end products - but you can keep and glaze any two items you make for an additional £10 per pot.  Sessions last approximately 2 hours (longer than beginner lessons now your body is used to the work!) . Once complete, you will be ready to start your journey as an independent potter!


Per person  £260

Lessons are weekly in 5 week blocks. There are daytime, evening and weekend sessions available throughout the year. Price includes a free sixth session for glazing your pots. 


For more information contact Mags via 

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