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Three-day intensive throwing course.


Suitable for complete beginners who want to make rapid progress to independent throwing.  Topics covered include centring clay, throwing a small bowl, making cylinders, shaping mugs, pulling and attaching handles and repeat throwing. You will also learn the basics of clay preparation. You will have a dedicated teacher in every session alongside independent throwing time. The training will be modified to suit your needs as you develop your throwing skills. Price includes keeping up to 6 pots that you will glaze once they have been bisque fired.

Over the course of three days (9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. every day), you will have the opportunity for over 15 hours of wheel time (plus an occasional coffee break!). This is for beginners who want to make rapid but sustainable progress in throwing on the potter's wheel. Once complete, you may book independent weekly studio time to continue your practice. 


One person.   £500

Two people  £935

For more information and to book contact Mags via email at

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