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What to expect in each lesson

with examples of students' work at each stage.

Lesson 1

The basics of centring clay

In this lesson we will demonstrate how to centre a small ball of clay and teach you the basics of making and shaping walls so that you can make a small bowl.

Some examples of glazed student bowls are shown here.


Lesson 2

Making a cylinder.

Next, it's time to learn to collar  in the walls of your clay so you can  be more in control of the shape on the wheel head.

The cylinder is the basic shape of all wheel-thrown objects and leads on to making larger, more elegant forms.

Lesson 3

shaping cylinders into cups

Now it's time to centre your clay, pull up into a cylinder, and learn the new skills of shaping the clay into a cup with a belly, waist and lip.

Lesson 4

pulling handles and glazing basics

In this lesson you learn how to pull and attach handles, plus the basics of glazing - hand-painting the bowl and cylinder you made in your first two lessons,


Lesson 5

Making repeat forms

The challenge in this lesson is to make the same form (shape) three times to make a set of matching small bowls. Now you're a proper potter!

Free glaze session

glazing your cup and bowls

Once your final bowls and cup have dried and been bisque-fired, you will be invited back to glaze your final items - free of charge!

Follow-on lessons

making larger, taller forms - vases and jugs

For those who want to go further, an additional follow-on courses are available. Here is some student work produced after a further 5 lessons.

At this stage, you are welcome to book and use the studio facilities in your own time for a nominal fee.

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