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Beginner lessons 

This set of five lessons is designed for intermediate potters who confident in making even cylinders with 1kg of clay - so not for beginners!, We recommend this course for potters who have completed the beginner and intermediate courses at the studio.  The six session course includes making and shaping a gallery, throwing lids to fit, making a teapot body, trimming body and lids, throwing and shaping spouts, building the pot and pulling larger handles. We also include an advanced glaze session to really bring your finished teapots to life!


One person.   £260

Two people  £490

Three people  £700

Four people  £895

Lessons are weekly in 5 week blocks. There are daytime, evening and weekend sessions available throughout the year. Price includes a free sixth session for glazing your pots. 


For more information contact Mags via

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